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New Resource for Finding Housing in College Towns


Find COOL Housing Around Campus



Moving to a new city or town to pursue an academic career can be a

daunting and intimidating task. One must adjust to new people, new

responsibilities and most importantly a new place to live. At

CollegeIglu.com we are working to simplify the search for a new home

in an effort to make this transition as easy as possible.


In a poll of college undergraduate students, graduate students,

postdocs, faculty and staff one of the most common complaints

identified difficulties associated with finding a new home around

campus. Most colleges can’t or won’t provide any meaningful help

with off-campus housing.


We experienced the same difficulties ourselves during our time in

college and have therefore developed a brand new website to help

scholars find the right accommodations for their needs. Best of all,

its free.


Collegeiglu.com is an innovative and interactive site that allows users

across national campuses to find all the information they need to

make an informed decision about their new home. The site went live

in August, 2011.


Please refer to our site for downloadable copy of this press release.


www.collegeiglu.com - www.facebook.com/collegeiglu

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