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Jamie Hood trial: Jurors hear slain officer's final moments

ATHENS, Ga. (WXIA) – The jury in the Jamie Hood death penalty trial listened to the final moments of a fallen officer's life on Friday.


Hood, who is defending himself, is accused of fatally shooting Athens-Clarke County Senior Police Officer Elmer "Buddy" Christian and wounding Officer Tony Howard in March 2011.

Hood was suspected in a carjacking and kidnapping earlier in the day.

In testimony Friday, jurors heard from a longtime police dispatcher who heard Christian's final words and immediately knew what had happened.

Jamie Hood: 'They're trying to convict me on passion'

ATHENS, Ga. -- The man accused of killing an Athens-Clarke County Police officer says the jury shouldn't see images of the slain officer's family.

In court on Thursday, GBI investigator Jeff Roesler showed jurors images of a bullet found in slain Officer Elmer "Buddy" Christian's patrol car. Roesler also showed them the bullet proof vest that Officer Tony Howard was wearing when he was shot.

Defendant Jamie Hood, who is representing himself, strongly objected when the investigator mentioned he found images of Officer Christian's kids on the screen saver of his computer.

"They're doing this to interject passion," Hood said. "That's what they're trying to convict me on, passion. What's on this screen saver don't have nothing to do with Jamie Hood shooting no gun."

Another juror leaves Jamie Hood trial; testimony continues

ATHENS, Ga. -- A third juror has left the Jamie Hood death penalty trial.

A female juror was excused on Wednesday after telling Judge Patrick Haggard she was unable to remain impartial after hearing some of the testimony so far.

There are now 12 jurors and three alternates left in a trial that could take at least another month. Hood is accused of fatally shooting Athens-Clarke County Senior Police Officer Elmer "Buddy" Christian and wounded another officer, Tony Howard.

Heart-wrenching accounts from police officers continued on Wednesday, as did some of the contentious back and forth between Jamie Hood and some of the witnesses.

Forensics expert Jim Schultz described the desperate moments on March 22, 2011 as he attempted to render aid to Howard and then realized there was a second victim nearby.

Jame Hood trial: Defendant challenges police

ATHENS, Ga. -- It was an emotional and at times bizarre day in the Jamie Hood death penalty trial.

Hood is charged with felony murder and dozens of other crimes in connection with the shootings of two Athens-Clarke County police officers.

Elmer "Buddy" Christian was killed in the 2011 shooting; his colleague Tony Howard was badly injured.

Jamie Hood is defending himself in this case. On Tuesday, he continued to challenge whether officers followed department policy the day of the shooting.


Jamie Hood questions officer he's accused of shooting

ATHENS, Ga. – Jamie Hood spent much of Monday cross-examining an Athens police officer he's accused of shooting.

Hood is defending himself in a 70-count death penalty case. He's accused of fatally shooting Athens-Clarke County Senior Police Officer "Buddy" Christian and wounding another office, Tony Howard in March 2011.

On the stand Monday, Howard said the incident began when he got an alert to be on the lookout for Hood in connection with a kidnapping. Howard said he pulled over a vehicle being driven by Hood's brother.

Howard said that Hood jumped out of the SUV and ran towards him.

Howard described the injuries he suffered from being shot twice during the confrontation that left his fellow officer dead. He said he has recurring health problems from the shooting, including hearing loss.

Traumatic recording reveals moments after Athens policemen shot


ATHENS, Ga. -- A gut-wrenching voice recording was the focus of a rare Saturday court session in the Jamie Hood shooting trial.

"There was a lot of hollering, 'Shots fired; officers involved'," Sgt. Glenn Cowan said.

Cowan struggled to get through his testimony as he described being the first supervisor to respond to teh shooting of Athens-Clark County Police Officer Tony Howard on March 22, 2011.

"When we got to the back parking lot is when you could see," he said. "You could see Tony Howard lying face down."

Sgt. Cowan said he didn't know it at the time, but he inadvertently activated the voice recorder on his uniform.

It ran for 12 minutes.

Emotion filled Friday at Jamie Hood murder trial

ATHENS, GA (WXIA) – Friday was an emotional and tension-filled day at the Jamie Hood felony murder trial. Hood came face to face with the friends of the officer he admitted gunning down.


It was hard for some of them to keep their composure as they recalled the day officer Buddy Christian killed in the line of duty.

Sergeant Tony Kinkaid had trouble holding back tears as he described the rapidly unfolding events of March 22, 2011 when Hood allegedly kidnapped marijuana dealer Judon Brooks in the trunk of his Cadillac before later abandoning the car and shooting two officers.