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Emotion filled Friday at Jamie Hood murder trial | News

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Emotion filled Friday at Jamie Hood murder trial

ATHENS, GA (WXIA) – Friday was an emotional and tension-filled day at the Jamie Hood felony murder trial. Hood came face to face with the friends of the officer he admitted gunning down.


It was hard for some of them to keep their composure as they recalled the day officer Buddy Christian killed in the line of duty.

Sergeant Tony Kinkaid had trouble holding back tears as he described the rapidly unfolding events of March 22, 2011 when Hood allegedly kidnapped marijuana dealer Judon Brooks in the trunk of his Cadillac before later abandoning the car and shooting two officers.

"It was very chaotic because we had the scene with Mr. Brooks, we had the two scenes from where the cars had been located, and now we had a scene where an officer had been shot or injured on the west side of town," Kinkaid said.

"You said you received some other information at the same time about some other radio traffic," the prosecutor said. "What was that, sir?"

"It's radio traffic that when you hear it, you know an officer is in trouble," Kinkaid said. "Whether they're fighting, chasing somebody -- you basically stop and listen."

During cross examination Hood – who is defending himself -- indicated his own life had been threatened.

"Did Judon Brooks tell you that he and several other males came and threatened to kill me about drugs?" Hood asked.

"No, I don't remember that," Kinkaid said.

Hood questioned other witnesses about whether they'd written complete reports or taken notes during the investigation, and questioned whether his Cadillac had been illegally searched.

"You said a gun was in the car," Hood said. "I don't see a gun in the picture do you?"

"Do you have any evidence you actually found a gun?" Hood asked later.

Initially there were 18 jurors, but one left for a family emergency on Thursday. A second juror was removed from the trial on Friday, this time for misconduct.

Judge Patrick Haggard sent the second juror home Friday afternoon because of statements she made about the case.


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