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No joy in Mudville as rain, Dawgs layer misery on fans | News

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No joy in Mudville as rain, Dawgs layer misery on fans

ATHENS, Ga. -- Game day was a particularly miserable experience in Athens Saturday. The football game was only part of the problem.

It was a day that started with a measure of promise, despite a day long flood watch. A high-profile matchup with Alabama was set for Sanford Stadium. Fans flocked to Athens under wet skies. At times the parking lots were even wetter; some unpaved lots stayed closed.

"This weather really is slowing us down as far as parking some vehicles," said Mark Vinson, a parking lot operator. "Like right here, the cars are just spinning and the trucks also."

Yet the promise of a competitive game kept spirits bright.

"We came all the way from Savannah today, so the rain is not going to stop us," said Bulldogs fan Russell Elliott.

"See at Georgia here, we're real optimistic," said Ryan Van Houten, a tailgating Bulldogs fan before the game.

But once the game got underway, and the home team started getting clobbered, the dreariness of the day began to prevail.

"As soon as the game play went south the weather did too. So (it was) a pretty anticlimactic day," said Campbell Brantley, a UGA Law school student.

"People started leaving, I think before halftime," said Shayla Bivins, also a UGA Law student. "I am drenched. I feel water inside my shoes."

"I think even my raincoat isn't holding up anymore. It's seeping through to my bones," added Claire Provano, another UGA Law student who left the game before it drew to its miserable conclusion.


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