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Morehouse rape case draws comparisons to 2002 UGA case | News

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Morehouse rape case draws comparisons to 2002 UGA case

ATLANTA -- In both cases, the victims made rape allegations against college athletes. In both cases, the victim waited several hours before making the accusation.

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In 2013, the accused are athletes at Morehouse College.

In 2002, the accused athletes were enrolled at the University of Georgia-- suspected in a dorm room rape case. The dorm room was Tony Cole's. He and Steve Thomas had been starters on UGA's basketball team.

The third suspect was Brandon Williams, a cornerback on UGA's football team. But the case began to collapse during Williams's jury trial -- when inconsistencies emerged in the alleged victim's story.
"What she said was inconsistent with provable objective facts. That is, things that could not be disputed," said Steve Sadow, who represented Cole. His aggravated assault trial was to follow Williams.

But in August 2002, the Athens jury found Williams not guilty of rape. A few days later, the district attorney dropped the case against the other two athletes.

At our request, Sadow analyzed the police reports in the Morehouse case-- and compared them to the dismissed case against his client, Tony Cole twelve years ago.

"The Cole case was a much stronger case for prosecution than the case against the Morehouse students," Sadow said.

In the Morehouse case, Sadow points to eyewitnesses who told police that the alleged victim "pulled (a suspect) into the bathroom, and the sex began," and that "the sex in the bathroom seemed consensual."

"Based on what I've read, the prosecution ought to stop now," Sadow said.

But the Morehouse case could to proceed to a grand jury-- which would decide on whether to indict the suspects.


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