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CARLTON: Train rescue captured on 911 tape | News

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CARLTON: Train rescue captured on 911 tape

CARLTON, Ga. -- Norb Krzak wasn't supposed to be in Madison County on Saturday, but two men who crashed their car near a fast moving train are sure glad he was.

Krzak was on his way to a job building a fence in Elberton when he witnessed a car swerving off of Highway 72 in Madison County. He immediately called 911.

"What I saw was a mangled car and two occupants who were ejected," said Krzak. "One was covered in blood, the other was sitting upright in the middle of the train track."

That's when Krzak heard a train coming. His entire conversation with the Madison County 911 dispatcher was all captured on tape.

"I started yelling at the young man on the tracks to get off, but he was not responsive to my calls," said Krzak.

In the 911 recording, Krzak can be heard yelling for the man to get off of the tracks. The man is heard moaning in pain. Krzak then tells the 911 dispatcher that he was able to remove the man from the tracks.

"God bless you," the dispatcher is heard saying.

"I assume I threw him because he was just lying there after the train hit the car," said Krzak.

Krzak said about a minute after pulling the man to safety, the train struck the back end of the car that was still partially on the track.

"The conductor said he was going about 50 miles-per-hour," said Krzak.

Krzak was supposed to finish his job in Elberton on Friday, but it rained. The weather delayed him just enough for his encounter with heroism.

"God had something to do with that," said Krzak. "Other people told me I was there for a reason. I don't really believe that, but He has a plan for everybody. Maybe that was his plan for me."

The two men injured in the car wreck are now out of intensive care.


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