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Sell Your Home by Assisting the Buyer's Imagination

When staging a home for sale, depersonalize as much as possible. Sellers need for the prospective buyer to imagine themselves living in that home. The most efficient way to have them walk away with that feeling is to remove all family photos and personal belongings from sight. If a home for sale has personal effects (pills, photos, clothes, electronics) scattered through out the home then it will pose as an obstacle for the prospective buyer to overcome when they try to imagine themselves in that home.

Most homes have a neutral color scheme because it makes the home very easy for prospects to imagine the possibilities. For this reason, colored walls (red, black, pink, green, blue, orange) should be painted a neutral tone (tan, white, off-white). After all, a home in Athens with a Red and Black room may not sell to a professor from Tennessee.


Loan Modification Could be Good, but Short Sale is Better says 1 Expert

Atlanta, GA--  As more and more Atlanta homeowners find themselves in financial distress and are forced to make tough decisions regarding their homes and specifically their dropping values and ballooning mortgage payments, we turned to a housing expert to help us navigate this complex situation.

Marian Anthony is a real estate finance expert and author of Short Sale RUSH- A How To Guide for Nonperforming Assets.  According to Marian, a Short Sale is more advantageous than a Loan Modification or a Foreclosure because "the reduced payoff in a short sale releases you from the debt obligation." He states that a foreclosure will ruin the homeowner's credit, and "a loan modification actually builds a debt trap around the borrower, milking them for every last nickel."

With so much information and marketing dollars being spent on homeowners getting into Loan Modification programs which may keep you bogged in debt for years, take Marian's su