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Photo Gallery | Taqueria del Sol in $20

ATLANTA – One of the most popular taqueria restaurants in Atlanta, “Taqueria del Sol” sits on popular Buckhead drag, Cheshire Bridge Road and, almost, always has guests lined up outside of the door. From celebrities and business people to athletes and lawmakers, the restaurant serves all types of people but doesn’t give preferential treatment to anyone.

Owner Eddie Hernandez says “Our guests never complain. Yes, we always have a line but, as soon as you order, your food is almost immediately delivered to your table. We want to keep our guests happy”

Hernandez and his partner Mike Klank opened the first Taqueria del Sol restaurant in 2000 in the Westside Provisions district.

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“When we opened that restaurant, we thought about the students. We knew we would have a lot of student patrons and we wanted to keep the prices affordable for them. We wanted them to feel like they were eating a fancy meal for an affordable price”, Hernandez said about the first restaurant.

Hernandez grew up in the food service industry, his grandmother owned restaurants in Mexico when he was a child.

Prior to starting the Taqueria del Sol brand, Hernandez and his partner owned a number of restaurants, including: Azteca Grill, Azuni Grill and the most popular, The Sun Down Café. According to Henandez, The Sun Down Café “blazed the trail” and helped to popularize Southwest-style cooking in this Deep South; the restaurant was featured in many publications, such as SkyMiles, Bon Appétit and Southern Living and is the current site of Taqueria del Sol: Cheshire Bridge.

“We’ve gotten good over the last seventeen years.  But we run a button-down business and we want to be approachable. We’re not big shots”, Hernandez says of him and his partner.

The restaurant prides itself on never allowing their entrees to cost more than $10.95 and offering the freshest, most seasonal ingredients and dishes. Taqueria del Sol closes, daily, from 2-5 p.m. and they cook everything fresh daily, twice daily.


And according to Hernandez, “If you bring $20 to this restaurant, you better be hungry.”

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Hernandez thinks everyone should start out with a salsa or a guacamole. The guacamole is made fresh daily with local tomatoes, avocado, white onions and flash fried jalapenos. He explains that in Mexico restaurants serve two types of guacamole, prepared and prepared to taste. Hernandez doesn’t add anything extra to their guacamole; it’s a very basic and natural recipe. The salsa is, also, freshly prepared. The restaurant gets their chips from a local guy who hand makes all of their tortillas and chips. The chips are twice fried and thicker than most. Guacamole and salsa will set you back about $4


He, also, recommends the Shrimp Corn Chowder. The chowder is crafted with creamed corn, cream, shrimp, and seafood stock and lobster bisque. Unlike most things at the restaurant, the chowder cannot be ordered modified for allergies or without seafood. The chowder can be purchased for $2.39


The restaurant offers a couple of different Margaritas, the most popular being the Westside, which was first served at the Westside location. Hernandez thinks every guest should try the margarita. The house margarita costs about $5


People who are looking for a “true” taste of the Southwest should order the Memphis taco and the Fish taco. The Memphis taco is crafted with chopped smoked pork, homemade jalapeño cole slaw and tequila BBQ sauce. The Fish tacos are fried tilapia strips with poblano tartar sauce and jalapeño peppers. According to Hernandez, the fish tacos are very popular with children. All tacos can be modified or served on corn tortillas. The tacos are 2.39 each


For someone looking for an entrée, Hernandez recommends the Pescado y Pesto. He creates this meal by crafting a pesto with roasted and caramelized pecans and topping pieces of baked farm raised, chemical free, caged Costa Rican Tilapia with the mixture. The fish is served with a yellow rice pilaf. The Blue Plate special can range from $7.99 to $10.95  

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