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Stolen 10-foot tall metal rooster recovered

Stolen 10-foot tall metal rooster recovered

4/13/2015 UPDATE: The giant metal rooster has been recovered! Police found the 300 pound bird in Oglethorpe County. Store owner Bonnie Harris said she's excited to have the mascot back at home and in one piece!


ATHENS, GA (WXIA) – There is something visibly missing from a vintage shop in Athens – a ten-foot tall metal rooster.

Out front, Lexington Road is a busy Athens block. Out back, one business is facing a question that has perhaps never been uttered:

"How do you steal a ten-foot rooster?"

Lexington Vintage is the kind of place where a ten-foot metallic rooster wouldn't seem out of place.

Georgia Joker wins spot in Fan Hall of Fame

Georgia Joker wins spot in Fan Hall of Fame

ATHENS, Ga. -- In a sea of red and black, he's the one in the bright green wig. Now, the Georgia Joker will have a spot in ESPN's Fan Hall of Fame.

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Pierce Wallace is only a freshman at the University of Georgia, "But I've been a fan my whole life," he told 11Alive's Julie Wolfe. "I knew this was the school I was going to attend. So, when I got accepted to Georgia, I wanted to give back."

He joined the Spike Squad, a group of intense fans that attend all UGA sporting events. They are most visible in section 109 of Sanford Stadium during football games. Wallace said the Georgia Joker character gained instant attention. "I was dressed like the joker for the first game against South Carolina. ESPN took a photo and tweeted it, and that's where it started."

Teen threatens to stab brother over Cheetos

Teen threatens to stab brother over Cheetos

ATHENS, Ga. -- Police in Athens have arrested a 14-year-old girl for allegedly threatening to stab her brother over a bag of Cheetos.

The unidentified girl Tuesday told police she has "anger issues." Police say the fight broke out when the boy tried getting some of the chips out of the bag. When the girl pushed her brother away it caused the bag to split - spilling the powdered, puffed corn snacks to the floor.

Police say the girl's mother took the knife from her and subdued her until police arrived. She was charged with simple battery and is in the custody of sheriff's deputies.

Last week, Athens police arrested a 14-year-old girl who threatened to light her family's apartment on fire over a missing can of Mountain Dew.

Girl threatens to burn down apartment over missing Mountain Dew

Girl threatens to burn down apartment over missing Mountain Dew

ATHENS, Ga. -- Police in Athens say a 14-year-old girl has been arrested for threatening to set her family's apartment ablaze over a missing bottle of soda.

Police say the unidentified girl, who was already under house arrest, became enraged Wednesday when she opened the refrigerator and saw that her Mountain Dew was missing. Authorities say the girl began cursing at her stepfather, who told her to talk to her mother about it.

Authorities say the girl blew cigarette smoke in her mother's face and threatened to set their apartment on fire.

The girl's mother called police and Department of Juvenile Justice officials told police to charge the girl with making terroristic threats. She has been taken into custody by the Clarke County Sheriff's office.

Woman finds intruder surfing Facebook on her laptop

Woman finds intruder surfing Facebook on her laptop

ATHENS, Ga. -- Police in Athens say a woman found an intruder in her living room using her laptop computer to browse Facebook.

Authorities say the intruder -- an unidentified 18-year-old University of Georgia student -- stammered and apologized to the woman Sunday afternoon, quickly gathered her belongings and left.

Police tell the Athens Banner-Herald the intruder had also apparently urinated on the woman's couch before she returned home.

Authorities say the intruder left her Facebook page open in her rush to leave, and it was unclear how the woman gained entry to the house.

Police say the woman lives in a UGA residence hall and the case was still under investigation Monday.

UGA student attacked by mime

UGA student attacked by mime

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) - A University of Georgia student told police she was attacked by a woman who appeared dressed as a mime.

Police said the attack on West Broad Street Wednesday was stopped by a passerby.

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The Athens Banner-Herald said the man who was passing by chased after the suspect and held her until he was assisted by two state probation officers in the area. They said the suspect was wearing all black and that her face was painted white.

Athens-Clarke County Jail records show that 37-year-old Stephanie Christine Walker of Athens is facing a battery charge. The records do not indicate whether Walker has an attorney.

GSU tops 'Sugar Daddy' list, UGA is No. 8

GSU tops 'Sugar Daddy' list, UGA is No. 8

ATLANTA -- Two Georgia schools are on a national list, one of them at the top, for female students in search of a "Sugar Daddy."

Georgia State University is home to more than 30,000 of some of the brightest and best students in the country.

The Panthers, however, have ranked at the top of an unusual list on the website seekingarrangement.com.

The site puts GSU at No. 1 when it comes to female students seeking out men, known as "Sugar Daddies," who are willing to fund their entire education.

The site says it surveyed nearly 3,000 students who went on line searching for a man. NYU placed second and the University of Georgia came in at No. 8.